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What our dealers say about Easy-Rest

I want to tell you how much I appreciate working with Easy Rest.
Since I started carrying your products my bottom line has gone through the roof. I have never seen a product sell like this. It's amazing! I was the first dealer in my market area to carry Easy Rest and Bella-Pedic so I was able to key in my advertising on the brand and create a "market value". Customers are asking for it by name and I have never have to sell Easy Rest at a low margin. East Rest and Bella Pedic are out selling all other my other skus 3 to 1!
Shipping; over night? Two days? Drop ship directly to my customer? Who does that? My customers love me for delivering their new bed so quickly. I get thank you letters, phone calls and referrals without even asking for them! The brand is doing wonders for our reputation as the "go to" dealer because of the quality, the comfort, and the speedy delivery. That translates to customer service super-stardom; and that translates to dollars!

To whom it may concern:

Easy Rest has been a great vendor for our mattress store. They offer very competitive prices on problem free merchandise. We currently carry 5 different memory foam mattresses, their 2" toppers in all sizes and 4 different pillows. Easy Rest carries a large inventory so we do not have to stock a lot at our store or warehouse. Occasionally they are out of stock on an item but do an excellent job of keeping us informed if they are out and when the new container should arrive. Easy Rest offers great values in memory foam. We are a bedding only store and use Easy Rest as our entry level memory foam resource. I do not feel that a store go wrong with Easy Rest. If any retailer would like to give me a call, I am more than happy to discuss our success with Easy Rest.

Jeff Weinstein (owner and president of PFD large buying group)
Mattress Factory Outlet

I have never been so impressed with a company and its products as I am with Easy Rest.  I was hesitant at first to introduce this line up on my floor, unsure of what kind of reaction my customers would have.  I am happy to say that the Easy Rest line up is zooming off my floor.  It is so easy doing business with Brandon and his staff at Easy Rest that it makes my job even easier.  If I need something overnight, it will be here that next day.  My orders never take longer than 3-4 days to arrive and the customer satisfaction provided by them is the best I've ever had.  My wife and I have even purchased and sleep so comfortably on a Bella Pedic and recommend it to everyone we know.  Thank you Brandon for your attentive service, your support and for introducing me and my community to your outstanding products!!!

Robert Warren
Barron's Home Furnishings
Harbor, Or.



We at Easy-Rest want to cover the globe!  We have a unique and extremely profitable turnkey licensee opportunity for many areas in the U.S, Canada, and around many other countries! 

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