What our customers say about Easy-Rest:

Matthew R. (Portland, OR)
My wife and I have been mattress shopping for a couple weeks, I was having to accept that the bed that met our needs was going to run me $4000. Thankfully we found your Bella-Pedic Belisimo at a locally owned shop here in Portland. We tried out your full line but this is the mattress that we found comparable in comfort to the other Pedic mattress company. All I can say is that I'm sleeping so well, waking rested, pain free, my arms don't fall asleep when I'm on my side. Everything is simply amazing about this mattress. Perhaps best of all, we saved over $3000. Thank you.

R&R, Bend Oregon
Dear Sleepy D'z Mattress Warehouse
My wife and I love our new Bella-Pedic Italian memory foam mattress that we purchased from you recently. Having had a Tempur-Pedic mattress for 7 years, we can say that the Bella-Pedic is both softer and cooler than the Tempur-Pedic. The new Bella-Pedic mattress also springs back more quickly than the Tempur-Pedic did. And the price was right at less than half of a Tempur-Pedic. I highly recommend your store for anyone who is looking for a new mattress if they have aches and pains, as the Bella-Pedic is the most comfortable mattress that we have ever owned!

Kayla S. (Kirkland WA)
On my mission to find a reasonably priced Temperpedic I started my search at Sleep Country. Which was a bad idea. I went to Sleep Country before and it was just awkward, the sales guy was like standing over me as I laid there trying mattresses. Weird. Plus they were WAY over priced - $1799 for a Queen NO THANKS. I just wanted to get out of here.
Saw Mattress Depot and decided to go in. Their ads on TV are super funny. CHOO CHOO! 
They have good prices and good selection, even though I was on a mission for one thing. The staff was very helpful and accommodating.  Tried the Luxor-pedic model which is the SAME THING but their version for a FRACTION of the price! $699-SOLD! 
In regards to the other reviews and the return dilemmas, I must say they do have a strict return policy but it makes sense, this isn't Nordstrom's people. I would not want some one to take a bed home, use it once, stick the tags back on and return it. Gross. Plus it comes with a warranty if something were to happen. 
Thanks for saving me $1000 BUCKS! I would definitely refer my friends to them!

Rich M. (Orem, UT)
I love my Cloud 9 mattress from Easy-Rest!  I couldn’t tell any difference between this model and the Tempur-Pedic one!  Thanks or saving me like $2000 but best of all I now sleep pain free!


Easy-Rest vs. Tempur-Pedic

Thanks to Mattress Depot in Seattle for proving this blind comfort test on **** in Seattle.  I think you will find the results very surprising.  Not only did random audience members think Easy-Rest compared well, they chose Easy-Rest over Tempur-Pedic for comfort!

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