Pillows & Accessories

Pamper yourself with Easy-Rest memory foam pillows, travel pillows, mattress toppers and leg spacers! 

All of our accessories are covered by a full replacement one year warranty for manufactures defects.

Most of Americans sleep on a pillow.  Did you know that pillow comfort makes up 30% of your sleep quality?  That’s why choosing the right pillow and right accessories to sleep are so important!

Pillow Program:

{picture of comfort pillow}
The Comfort-Rest pillow has thousands of tiny memory foam micro cushions to mold and contour to your body. 
Comfort-Rest is best suited for back sleepers, but also good for side sleepers.

{picture of Bentley}
The Bentley-Rest is our luxury Italian memory foam traditional shape pillow that is so plush and heavenly you may never want to get out of bed!

The Bella-Rest pillow is made of our luxury Italian memory foam pillow but has curves on all sides designed especially for those with upper back and neck pain.
Bella is best for side sleepers and back sleepers.

{picture of Bliss}
The Bliss pillow is our most luxurious design.  The bliss has an outer layer of Italian memory foam to support your neck then thousands of small micro cushions that curve to your every need!  The name describes it all: simply bliss!
Bliss is great for stomach, side and back sleepers.

Mattress Topper Program:

Our quality toppers are some of the best toppers in the industry.  We use a 4 lb quality open cell memory foam with a zip off, washable bamboo cover!  Our cover also has a no-slip bottom so the topper isn’t moving around all night.  Toppers at big box stores are normally 2-3 lb density with no cover.  That is similar density to your couch cushion foam.  Do you want to sleep on a couch or a memory foam bed?

Accessory program:

{pictures of leg spacer, travel pillows, back rest}

Easy-Rest also has a great line of luxury memory foam travel pillows, leg spacers, and lumbar rest for the office!